What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

There are plenty of things that have affected this house over the years, but most of them I have been able to handle on my own. When it got out of my hands, I am grateful to your team for helping me to fix it. 

If anyone ever wants professional restoration services, I am going to tell them about your company. I cannot express how at ease you made us feel while you worked to restore our home. 

Wow, the heavy rains really created a lot of storm damage in our area, and some of the water came into our home. Your company came quickly when I called for help, and got my home dried up in no time.

The storms did a number on our roof, letting rain come in and damage our attic. However, your team was able to come in quickly and clean it all up for us.

When my sump pump failed during the last snow melt, it was at the worst time. The street drains were also clogged so I had water coming in from two different directions. Your technicians handled everything beautifully. Thanks forever!

Our house was flooded by a bent downspout during a rainstorm.  Our wood floors that we love were warped and bowed so badly I thought they would have to be torn out and replaced, but SERVPRO restored them like new.